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Application for Advanced Reader/Reviewer Team

Hello! My ARC team is for people who enjoy my books and leave reviews! 


The great news is you will be able to read my books first! 

The REALLY great news is the books are FREE as long as you continue to review. *Cue happy dancing**


Here are the details: 

Prior to publication of a new book, you will receive an email asking if you are interested in reviewing the upcoming book. 

If you want to read and review it...Wonderful! Just CLICK where indicated. You will be taken directly to the Bookfunnel download page for that ARC book.

Don't have time to read that one? No problem. Life happens. Maybe you'll have more time for next book. 



If you download the book, you are required to post a reviewon Amazon, or another retail site, within 72 hours of the publication date in order to stay on the active Reader/Reviewer list. 


Advance Reader Copies are NOT to be shared. The books are already copyrighted and protected under US Federal Law. 


We ask that you please write an honest review. According to US Federal Law, you are required to state that you received a copy of the book for free in exchange for a review. We suggest that you post at the end of your review something to the effect of: Even though I was given a complimentary copy of this book, the above is my honest review. 

Personally, I hate that the government thinks we are so stupid that we believe everything we read. Or that just because we're given something for free that it influences our opinion of the product. But it's the law so we need to abide. 


Why do we need your mailing address? Because from time to time, KaLyn Cooper sends reviewers gifts, swag, a card

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